Here’s the ideal rejuvenating haircut after 60 with thin hair and glasses, according to a hairstylist

Being sixty often means wearing glasses and having less dense hair than before. Which haircut should you choose to rejuvenate yourself, while coping with these new realities? A hairdresser answers us by revealing the perfect hairstyle.

After 60, the choice of our haircut becomes much more complex, because our hairstyle must no longer only flatter the shape of our face. With hair quality declining, it is not uncommon to have to compensate for fine or thinning hair issues with your hairstyle. And that’s without taking into account our declining eyesight and which also forces us to choose a haircut in harmony with a new accessory that has become essential: glasses.

Even without bothering with a precise choice of frames for our glasses, we must take into account the impact of having them on the nose at the risk of ending up with a haircut which is not at all practical and which obstructs our view. Issues of which Rémi Billaud, hairdresser and head of training at Franck Provost, who has already helped us find the ideal short cut after 60 when we want to wear rejuvenating bangs. The expert explains to us that it is entirely possible to find a “rejuvenating” effect hairstyle that enhances the oval of our face, our glasses and our hair lacking volume and density. For him, we must opt ​​for a rejuvenating bob cut : THE “textured bob”.

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The textured bob square: the ideal haircut after 60 to give volume to fine hair

The square bob is a smart and easy haircut to adopt in your sixties according to the expert, because it ensures that it adapts to “all face shapes”. As the hairdresser and training manager at Franck Provost revealed to us, this modern bob cut is perfectly structured to boost the volume of fine hair and compensate for a lack of density.

This is a fairly simple bob cut, but it is “slightly shorter in the back”, which helps to gain volume at the hair roots while benefiting from the lifting effect of the bob cut on the oval of the face in your sixties. Her short locks “textured” by styling, are ideal “to give body” to the hair and thus give an impression of thickness. The hairdresser ensures that it has a satisfactory “volume effect” thanks to the different layers of hair created by the gradient in the nape and the texture, which “add volume visually”.

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The textured bob bob cut: a perfect haircut for wearing glasses after 60

If the expert recommends this volumizing bob cut when we wear prescription glasses on a daily basis, it is also because it has the rare advantage of “matches well with most frames”which allows you to keep your favorite pair of glasses or make your choice at the optician easier when you plan to change them.

Rémi Billaud also emphasizes that this very modern-looking bob cut goes well with “particularly” good with glasses frames “medium sized” And “modern glasses”, which you may be planning to use to rejuvenate your look. It is therefore a bob cut that is easy to combine with any pair of glasses, and which will really enhance your accessories, not just the oval of your face and your hair lacking volume.

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Textured bob square: how to style it to give maximum volume to your fine hair?

If the hairdresser and head of training at Franck Provost relies on this rejuvenating bob cut, it is also because it requires very easy maintenance at home. To get the most out of it on a daily basis, the way to style it is accessible to everyone.

No need to go for an overly complicated blow-dry, the hairdresser’s tip for having an incredible volume effect is simply to “apply a volumizing spray to damp hair” before you “dry upside down”. You will thus obtain a hairstyle full of volume and movement, very modern and flattering at 60 years old, without ever hindering the wearing of glasses.

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