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New to cleaning your hairbrush? Yet it is certainly a lot dirtier than you might think. The proof with this video that has gone viral on TikTok.

We use it every day to untangle our lengths and put our hair in order in order to be well styled, but many of us forget a very important thing with our hairbrush: cleaning it! However, like any hair accessory that we use regularly, our hairbrushes collect a bunch of styling product residues, pollution particles, dandruff, sebum and dirt with each pass through our hair. Suffice to say that if they are not removed often enough from the brush, it becomes a real breeding ground for bacteria.

This is precisely what a content creator named @everything_tidy on TikTok in a video posted on the social network. The young woman has indeed decided to clean her hairbrushes and film the experience for her community. In the video, which has gone viral, we see her soak four hairbrushes she uses – and which seemed rather clean at first glance – in hot water with a little shampoo and them. leave to soak so that they can be cleaned there. An hour later, she comes to see the effect of this well-deserved bath on her brushes. The result: the wash water darkened considerably, clearly telling us how dirty the brushes were.

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Using a dirty hairbrush: the risks for your hair

Detangling and styling your hair with a brush that is not clean is far from without consequences on the hair. The residues accumulated in the brush will indeed be distributed in roots and in your lengths when you are going to use it. It is therefore not uncommon for brushing your hair with a dirty accessory to regrease your hair faster and dirty your strands. In addition, if the bristles of the brush are cluttered with hair and other residue, they no longer offer effective brushing. Remember, in fact, that in addition to removing the nodes in formation, brushing also serves to distribute the sebum from the scalp to the ends to hydrate this area which is the most fragile of the hair. However, the gesture will be ineffective with a dirty brush. Finally, also note that some scalps can become irritated by the accumulation of all these particles of styling products and dirt. Beware of irritation and skin reactions that may cause you itching!
You will understand, there is no question of skipping cleaning your brush if you want beautiful hair and a healthy scalp.

How to properly clean your hairbrush?

To avoid getting there, know that it is very important to maintain your hairbrush daily and to offer him a shampoo in the rules of the art regularly. Every day after brushing your hair with it, think about remove hair that has fallen out and which got stuck on the brush. If you cannot do this using your comb, you can use tweezers (which you then disinfect) or even an accessory specially designed for cleaning hairbrushes that you can find in one click on the internet (for example >> here, at € 2.27 on Amazon <<).

In addition to this first dry cleaning, it must also be pampered with washing with water and shampoo which should be more or less frequent depending on your habits. If you are a fan of styling products, it would be best to do it once a week. If you leave your hair free from all products and only detangle your strands with your brush, then a deep cleansing about twice a month is more than enough.
Clean your hairbrush, instructions for use:

  • Wet the brush head (the area of ​​the bristles or brush nibs)
  • Lather up the amount of shampoo applied to the accessory by making small circular movements against your palm.
  • Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
  • Shake the brush in the sink to remove as much water as possible by hand.
  • Then let it air dry on a towel.

Above all, do not try to dry it with a hair dryer because if some parts of your brush are stuck, it can damage the glue and damage your brush.

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