Here’s what makes people leave Android for the iPhone

A study reveals the main reason why Android users decide to switch to iPhone. And surprise, this has not so much to do with their old phone as with the current offer.

Source: Frandroid – Chloé Pertuis

What reason pushes users of Android smartphones to leave the Google OS to go to iPhones? After an initial report by Cirp (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners), which demonstrated that the iPhone was attracting more and more users, a new report, detailed by 9to5Macexplains the reasons behind these departures.

It should be noted, however, that these are users in the United States where the iPhone is much more dominant than in Europe, but these answers remain interesting.

A majority leave because their phone is too old

Often, Apple brand enthusiasts will mention iMessage, reliability or the Apple ecosystem as the main reason for the change. But the first reason that wins 53% of the votes is even more interesting.

53% of voters said they switched to iPhone because of issues with their Android. More specifically, they explain that “their old phone was no longer useful to them, because it was old, needed to be repaired, or had defects that affected their user experience”.

Response to a CIRP survey of June 1, 2023. // Source: CIRP

We could quickly interpret this as follows: there are too many problems on Android smartphones. Except that by re-reading well, we see that the majority of voters switched to the iPhone when their old smartphone had reached the end of its normal life cycle.

It must therefore be understood by this that those who leave Android do so naturally when changing phones, by looking at the offer offered to them. And for these users, the iPhone seems to have imposed itself as the right choice against all the competition, without citing a particular technical point (photo, reliability, etc.). This says a lot about Apple’s place in the smartphone market and its ability to attract new customers in 2023.

Buy an iPhone, for its price, really?

The second reason mentioned, chosen by 26% of respondents, actually concerns new features. Users quoted “better cameras, better accessory options or a more intuitive interface”.

More surprisingly, 15% of users who switched to the iPhone say they did so for cost reasons. Apple smartphones being rather classified in the high end, this is surprising to say the least. These respondents say they think they have “spent less on a new iPhone than they expected or on a comparable Android smartphone“.

Only 6% of respondents cite reasons related to the community aspect of the iPhone, thereby understanding the possibilities offered by iMessage and FaceTime.

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