here’s what this changes for motorists

Since April 1, 2024, the green sticker is no longer mandatory, so you no longer have the risk of incurring a fine of up to 135 euros if it is not affixed to your windshield. But under what conditions and what does this change for motorists? We’ll explain!

It was last December that the government announced the end of a very long French tradition: the presence of the green sticker on the windshields of French motorists indicating whether the vehicle is well insured. But this is not the only element that will disappear and which concerns car insurance, in fact, the paper insurance certificate will also be removed. A decision which was implemented after an Interministerial Road Safety Committee at the end of 2023 following incessant requests from insurance companies who have been calling for the end of this system since 2016.

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While a file has already been implemented which lists insured vehicles (FVA) to which gendarmes and police officers in France have access, the government has confirmed that this change aims to “simplify the lives of motorists» while helping to fight against insurance fraud. If this method is now replaced by this dematerialized file that can be consulted by law enforcement, it is therefore obviously obligatory to insure your vehicle.

What does this mean for motorists?

All changes have consequences and the removal of the green sticker on the windshields of French motorists is no exception to the rule. Firstly, and in order to guarantee that all French drivers owning a car are not outside the law, since March 12, it has been possible to check their situation in this famous file of insured vehicles. To do this, simply go to the website and enter their registration number as well as their registration number.

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A method which also takes into account new policyholders. In fact, the ministry indicates that once the new insurance contract has been signed, you will have to wait a maximum of 72 hours to see your vehicle registered in the file. Rest assured, this does not mean that you will not be able to use your vehicle during these 72 hours, a “insured vehicle memo» will be given by the insurer to these new policyholders valid within 15 days following the signing of the insurance contract. It is this paper that must be presented to the police in the event of an inspection.

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A decision aimed at combating fraud

If the green card or paper insurance remains compulsory in other countries of the European Union and abroad, the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, indicated at the time of implementation that this reform had aimed at reducing the rate of fraudsters in France. Indeed, it is much more difficult to imitate an official registration in a secure file and verify a document attesting to your insurance.

According to the National Interministerial Road Safety Observatory, nearly 680,000 vehicles drive in France without insurance. A dramatic situation when we know that in 2022 more than 229 people died in an accident involving an uninsured car.

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