here’s when chapter 83 comes out, there will be some disappointed

After a thrilling chapter 82, we know when chapter 83 of Boruto Two Blue Vortex will be released. We prefer to warn you, it will not happen right away.

After a long hiatus, Boruto is finally back. Fans were able to discover the first two chapters of Two Blue Vortex, the new name of the manga after its story ellipse. The opportunity to find characters who have evolved well, both in terms of their appearance and their personality. Especially Boruto, who now displays a particularly dark face. Chapter 82 only confirmed this darkness, in addition to revealing a big secret. Fans are logically impatiently awaiting the continuation of the manga, and we know when it will arrive. Warning, this article will contain small spoilers on the events of the second chapter of Two Blue Vortex.

Boruto chapter 83 dated, we’ll have to wait

Boruto chapter 82 was full of emotion. After breaking into Konoha, the son of the Seventh Hokage found himself facing Code and his clones. He then revealed to his enemy that he knows a big secret about the ten-tailed demon that even Code doesn’t know. Unfortunately, the Kara member refused to listen to Boruto and grant his request to take him to see Jūbi. Faced with Code’s stubbornness, the young ninja then prepared to use a new form of the Swirling Orb: the Rasengan Uzuhiko.

The community is already excited to see this new technique in action. To discover it, you will have to wait until October 20, Boruto Chapter 83 release day. In France, you can read it as usual on Shueisha’s Manga Plus platform. Until then, the community will be able to continue to explore all possible theories concerning the few mysteries of Two Blue Vortex.

In fact, many wonder about the famous technique of Naruto’s son. Perhaps it is thanks to her that Boruto is convinced that he can kill Code easily. We imagine that he learned this new jutsu during his three-year absence from Sasuke. Besides, we still have no news from Naruto’s former antagonist after two chapters, perhaps chapter 83 will finally be the opportunity to see him again.

Since the return of the manga, Sarada and Kawaki have not been particularly highlighted, although they also give the impression of having changed a lot. Hopefully Chapter 3 of Two Blue Vortex shows us what they are capable of. We also wonder about Jûbi’s dark secret discovered by Boruto. Why is he so afraid of it that he talks to Code about it? We will have to wait a good month before we hope to have answers…

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