Here’s Why You Should Always Take Off Your Rings Before Washing Your Hands, According to a Dermatologist

You may not think about it, but removing your rings before washing your hands is recommended. A dermatologist explains why.

With the pandemic, many think they have become professional in terms of hand washing. Essential at the time of covid19, this gesture that we thought was simple has great importance on a daily basis. The World Health Organization even recommends doing it 8 times a day. But like other habits concerning our hygiene, automatisms must be avoided in order to do it well.

Beware of preconceived ideas or false good deals, such as children’s toothpaste which often contains hidden sugars. A dental surgeon also warns about an “aberrant” way of brushing your teeth. And a dermatologist advises on how often you should wash your washcloth. On TikTok, another skin professional gave her opinion on another seemingly innocuous subject, which could damage your skin.

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Why do you have to take off your rings to wash your hands?

To kill germs and therefore avoid illnesses, it is essential to wash your hands regularly, especially before cooking, eating or after using the toilet and when leaving public transport. Take your time, between 40 and 60 secondsbut be careful of certain things, warns the New York dermatologist of TikTok @teawithmd.

In a video, she explains thatit is better to remove your rings before washing. Many already do it when they play sports, shower or go to bed, but others are used to always keeping their jewelry on them. However, they must be vigilant for a specific reason.

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The advantages of this gesture for your jewelry

The dermatologist explains: “the soap or product used can accumulate under your rings and cause irritationespecially if you have dry skin”. So, for those who never go anywhere without their moisturizer, this gesture can preserve your skin. No question of neglecting your hygiene and skipping hand washing, but adopting this new habit of removing them temporarily each time.

On the other hand, the materials of your rings may be damaged by hand washing, gold like stainless steel. Contact with water could tarnish your jewelry over time. This protects them too. Another reason to plan to remove them every time you clean your fingers. The dermatologist shares other tips on her account, and sometimes destroys preconceived ideas, like the one about hair growing back after shaving it.

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