Hidden in Google Maps: Rockstar probably hinted at GTA 6 2 years ago


There is probably a hint about GTA 6 hidden on Google Maps. We reveal what these coordinates are all about.

Rockstar hinted at GTA 6 in a GTA Online teaser two years ago. (Source: YouTube screenshot/GTA Series Videos)

  • Two years ago, Rockstar released a teaser for GTA Online.
  • Coordinates can be found hidden.
  • Entered into Google Maps, a reference to GTA 6 may be found.

Funny or mysterious things can be found on Google Maps from time to time. Fans of the GTA series are looking everywhere for possible Rockstar hidden clues about GTA 6.

But how does that fit together? The answer is this teaser for GTA Online, which was released almost two years ago.

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The observant among you may have noticed the coordinates at the bottom of the video. You can enter the coordinates 38.527,-79.6129 on Google Maps.

Hidden in the road layout of the Middle Mountain Trail, the Roman six can be seen. Fans assume that Rockstar wanted to give a hint about the upcoming GTA 6.

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