Hidden pizza function from the oven: this is how the pizza at home is perfect

Pizza function from the oven
The hidden pizza mode makes every pizza a hit

Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and perfectly melted cheese – no problem with the pizza function in the oven!


Somehow the pizza never tastes like an Italian at home. No wonder, after all, that’s where the pizza is baked in a stone oven. But did you know that many ovens have a pizza function?

Pretty much everyone loves pizza, especially, of course, as authentically as possible from Italians. But it is also easy to bake a delicious pizza at home – if the oven’s secret pizza function is used.

Pizza function from the oven: the setting for pure enjoyment

In the video we show you which baking symbol on the oven is the perfect setting for pizza baking and which alternative is almost as good if your oven does not have this function.

Source used: RTL