High fuel prices – Burgenlanders are now fleeing to Hungary to fill up

An expensive “pleasure” is currently the (inevitable) visit to the gas station. Gasoline and diesel cost around two euros per liter, even with discount providers. Because the Hungarian government has capped the price, many Burgenland commuters are drawn across the border to the neighboring country as “fuel refugees”.

Due to the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, energy costs have increased massively in the last two weeks. The prices for petrol and diesel are also affected. There is hardly a petrol station left where the gas costs less than two euros. This is a heavy burden, especially for commuters and single parents who depend on the car. Demands for the introduction of a price cap are getting louder. Governor Hans Peter Doskozil is also demanding that the federal government cap fuel prices.Price limit in HungaryThis regulation already exists in neighboring Hungary. The price of petrol and diesel is capped there. Converted, a liter there may not cost more than around 1.30 euros. This is now leading to a veritable rush from Burgenland to Hungarian petrol stations. With a price difference of up to 90 cents per liter, the journey pays off even if you are a little further from the border. Sometimes reserve canisters are filled with fuel. But be careful: According to the ÖAMTC, individual Hungarian petrol stations have now started to limit the maximum delivery quantity. The trip to the neighboring country could even turn out to be a boomerang. In order to find the cheapest provider at home, the ÖAMTC provides its own gas station app, the ARBÖ lists the gas stations on its homepage.Car dealership ran out of dieselThe fear of further price increases is also increasing sales in this country. On Thursday, the gas station at the Pannonia Frauenkirchen car dealership even ran out of diesel. The Chamber of Commerce also warns that the high fuel costs endanger supply chains and public transport. “The development is dramatic,” says division chairman Hans Dieter Buchinger.
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