High on Life will finally be released on December 13.

First announced for October 25, 2022, High on Life will finally see the light of day on December 13. The game from Squanch Games will be available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series. And of course, it will be playable from launch with the Game Pass.

To resituate a little, High on Life is a Squanch game, that is to say the studio created by Justin Roiland, the father of Rick and Morty. And in the end, it’s a clarification that may be a little superfluous, as the style and absurd humor of its creator is obvious.

In the FPS, you play as a young apprentice bounty hunter whose mission is to rid Earth of a cartel of aliens. They want to use humans like a drug. But to succeed in saving the world – yes just that – you will have to rescue and then team up with talking weapons. Each will obviously have its own character in addition to characteristics different from the others.

The game features multiple biomes, ranging from a paradise-like jungle to a city built inside an asteroid. In your exploration of the different environments, you will have to face many brutes, until you come across the infamous Garmantuous.

High on Life Trailer

Features of High on Life

DeveloperSquanch Games
EditorSquanch Games
French release dateDecember 13, 2022
WebsiteOfficial site
Platformscomputer | One | Xbox Series | Game Pass
Languages ​​availableUnknown
Starting priceUnknown

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