High-speed DSL with 250 Mbit/s for 25 euros – for a whole 12 months

O2 is currently offering the large high-speed DSL tariff O2 my Home XL for the price of the smaller L variant. You save a total of 240 euros and surf the Internet at up to 250 Mbit/s.

Everyone wants fast internet at home at a good rate – and O2 can deliver. The current discount highlight is the very well-equipped DSL tariff O2 my Home XL at a price of EUR 24.99 per month and

240 euros total savings

. The discount results from 12 months in which O2 waives you 20 euros from the bill.

O2 my Home XL for 24.99 instead of 44.99 euros per month

The DSL tariff in the deal includes a 250 line for high-speed downloads with up to 250 Mbit/s. Uploads are up to 40 MBit/s fast. The telephone flat rate to the German landline network with a phone number is included.

From the 13th month you pay 44.99 euros

and the connection price for 24 months is 69.99 euros. You can cancel at any time after the contract period of 24 months with a notice period of one month.

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Inexpensive DSL Turbo from O2

Most of them have the cell phone provider O2 on their radar for good cell phone tariffs. But O2 also has strong offers for DSL Internet and landline telephony. The effective price advantage over the competition results from the automatic reduction in the basic fee. Depending on the tariff and term, 10 euros are saved in the first 12 months and even 20 euros in the deal offer.


If your previous DSL contract has been running for 24 months, you can switch to O2 monthly.

Internet TV reception via O2

As a triple-play provider, O2 also provides you with the TV program to match the internet connection and mobile phone tariff. Depending on the channel package, you can receive up to 100 programs via the Internet, most of them in razor-sharp HD picture quality. The O2-TV-M package is available on top for EUR 4.99 per month.

More information about O2 TV from EUR 4.99 per month

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