High-tech instead of X – Opel Grandland: Manta cut out of the face

With a new brand face at the front and an expanded range of technology, the Opel Grandland is entering its second half of life.

The compact SUV now has the “Vizor” radiator grille introduced in the smaller Mokka and used in the cool Restomod Manta, which is flanked by two newly designed headlights. The rear has also been modified, where the model name is now confidently emblazoned in the middle of the load compartment flap. And without the “X” that has been added up to now, which disappears in the course of the lifting – as with the new Mocha.

The technology has also been revised. New to the range are, among other things, matrix LED headlights with a total of 168 LED elements, which are intended to provide particularly flexible illumination of the road. An infrared night vision system is also available, which makes animals and pedestrians more easily recognizable in the dark. The new operating concept, which was also adopted from the Mokka, moves into the cockpit; Buttons, switches and analog instruments are disappearing in favor of touchscreen controls and digital instruments.

Opel does not yet provide complete information on the drive range. The Grandland is likely to be based on the sister model Peugeot 3008, which was launched last year. Accordingly, there should be two plug-in hybrids in addition to diesel and gasoline engines with up to 181 hp. The basic version with 225 hp and only one electric motor has front-wheel drive, the more powerful version with a second electric unit on the rear axle has 300 hp and all-wheel drive.