“Highly negligent”: More protection for the Constitutional Court: Union stops talks

“Highly negligent”
More protection for the Constitutional Court: Union stops talks

The Federal Constitutional Court wants the traffic light to be protected by the Basic Law. For this she needs the votes of the Union. But she’s now letting the talks fall apart. The criticism of this is clear.

For the time being, the Union sees no need to protect the Federal Constitutional Court from influence in response to the rise of extreme parties. “The Union faction currently sees no compelling need to change the regulations on the Federal Constitutional Court in the Basic Law,” said Union faction vice-president Andrea Lindholz of the “Rheinische Post”.

In discussions with representatives of the traffic light factions, it became clear that a reorganization of the legal basis of the Federal Constitutional Court would not only have advantages. Such changes to the Basic Law would have to be very carefully considered, said Lindholz.

Out of concern about the rise of extreme parties, the traffic light coalition had considered enshrining details on the election and term of office of constitutional judges not just in a simple law, but in the Basic Law. These could then no longer be changed with a simple majority, but only with a two-thirds majority. This could, for example, prevent judges from being removed from office relatively easily in the event of a change of government.

Criticism from the traffic light factions

Federal Justice Minister Marco Buschmann said he regretted that the Union was no longer available for discussions on the matter. “Especially in the year of the 75th birthday of the Basic Law, it would have been an important sign to strengthen the defenses of our democracy and the rule of law,” said the FDP politician. Further discussions were also possible at a later date.

The Green politician Konstantin von Notz called the Union’s decision negligent and criticized CDU leader Friedrich Merz. “While millions of people in our country are taking to the streets for our constitutional state and its defensiveness and are addressing clear expectations regarding politics, Friedrich Merz is still not able to jump over his shadow so that we as democrats can stand together and can work across factions to better protect our highest constitutional bodies,” he said.

The latest positioning should not be the end of the cross-party discussions. “Not increasing the level of protection for the Federal Constitutional Court in an extremely tense situation in terms of security policy is either politically naive or extremely negligent,” said von Notz.

SPD parliamentary group deputy Dirk Wiese also attacked the Union for the decision. “In one of the most difficult times for our democracy in decades, the Union is in no way living up to its role as a responsible opposition,” Wiese told the “Rheinische Post”. He hopes that the Union will become aware of its political responsibility.

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