Highly sought-after, but extremely dangerous: how to use public WiFi hotspots safely

If the basic protection is not correct, you should not even go online with your mobile phone, tablet or notebook and certainly not at a hotspot. Basic protection means above all updates and good virus protection for Windows. The best way to get updates for Windows, Android and iOS is automatically.

In addition, you should have updates for programs or apps on the screen. This is also possible with smartphones and tablets without much effort, it is a bit more complex with Windows tools. Most important are the updates for the browsers, because they are at the front of the attackers’ line of fire. You should also rely on automatics here.

Virus protection is mandatory for Windows. However, you no longer have to necessarily buy products. Windows Defender protects quite well, but we noticed again and again in the test that there were too many false alarms and high resource consumption. If you are not affected by these problems, Windows Defender is sufficient protection.

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