Hilaria Baldwin talks about her miscarriages – and life afterwards

Hilaria Baldwin
Heartfelt words about her miscarriages

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Hilaria Baldwin suffered two miscarriages in 2019. A loss that can hardly be put into words. Alec Baldwin’s wife tries anyway – and moves her fans.

“Today the baby I was crying for in this picture would be about a year old,” writes Hilaria Baldwin (37) on Instagram. In the accompanying photo, she and daughter Carmen (7) look sadly into the camera. In a second picture, a selfie, you can see Hilaria standing in front of a mirror – for the last time with her unborn girl in her stomach. “She was 39 weeks old on April 23rd. I had to go home and sleep with her inside me for another night before having an operation the next day. This is the last photo with my girl.” Lines that get under your skin.

Hilaria Baldwin thinks of her star children every day

“While I am so blessed to have my babies, I also have a few angels. I had two miscarriages in a row in 2019 – the second in the fourth month,” said the 37-year-old. “I was told, ‘It’s just bad luck’ … There are so many secrets as to why certain souls come into our lives and others don’t.”

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Although Hilaria Baldwin has six healthy children, she thinks about the babies she lost every day, she says. “I am resigned and have respect for the way my life has unfolded. I allow gratitude and sadness, wholeness and longing to be the parallels of my reality,” Baldwin continued. “I am as much a mother to my star children as I am to them [Kinder]that I can physically hold in my arms. ”

“We are a powerful group that has this heaviness in their hearts”

In addition to her moving, very personal story, Hilaria Baldwin also wants to encourage other parents. “We all have different fertility and infertility histories, and there are so many opportunities to become parents,” writes the trained yoga teacher. “If you have struggled, have struggled, or are going to struggle, you know you are not alone … If it helps, join forces with others while you are grieving. We are a powerful group that have this heaviness in their hearts carries – and together we can ease each other’s burden through support and understanding. ”

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