Hilary Duff reveals intimate photos of her home birth

On Instagram, Hilary Duff shared stunning photos from her home birth, which took place last March. A very moving birth for the whole family.

A powerful moment, out of time. On March 24, Hilary Duff gave birth to her third child. A little girl named Mae James and born from her union with singer Matthew Koma.

For this third arrival, the 33-year-old actress has nevertheless decided to do things differently. She has indeed opted for a birth at home, in a bathtub filled with water and surrounded by her relatives. A way for her to be completely connected to her body, to give life as physiologically as possible. The birth of the girl went very well, and even her 9 year old son, Luca, witnessed the arrival of his little sister.

Four months later, Hilary Duff decided to share intimate photos of this very moving childbirth on Instagram. In particular, we can see her trying to ease her contractions. In legend, she returned to this magical moment: “I feel ready to share photos from Mae’s day of birth. In order for me to feel safe during childbirth and to get to where I need to go, having the right support system is crucial. The perfect amount of space, back pressure, humor, stillness, and people who support my power. My husband was the quietest anchor in the room when I felt like climbing walls and my little Molly was an amazing doula who sat down with me when I needed to be calm and quiet. She really enjoyed the fact that I was sitting on dog pads because I had lost the water hours before! “

Well done to all mothers ”

The singer then confides that her own mother was there, to prepare “All snacks” and above all, see his daughter “Bring him a new grandchild on earth”. Hilary Duff is grateful that she had some help looking after her two other children while she was giving birth. Knowing that they were also safe may have been “The most heartwarming thought of all”, in his words. She concludes: “It’s hard work… all the ways a woman gives birth to a baby is. From pregnancy to cesarean section, through childbirth in the hospital or at home, breastfeeding and the education of these responsible little beings so that they become citizens of the world, confident and kind. It is completely devouring. A tedious, magical, miraculous adventure … So bravo to the all-powerful mothers. You move the mountains every day. “

Elise Poiret

Journalist specializing in parenthood, Elise writes for aufeminin and Parole de mamans. She is also very involved in the fight for women’s rights. If you only have to remember …