Hillary (Moms & Famous): A horrible photo of Giovanni’s foot revealed after the accident

On June 13, the husband ofHillary Vanderosieren had a serious accident right in front of their house. “I got hit by a car, which hit me hard. Wanting to protect my little dog, I ran into the car. My little dog is doing fine. And I have an open fracture. A double fracture, a triple sprain plus a 5cm open gash. At the level of my left foot, tibia and ankles. I’m going to have surgery tomorrow“, had explained the candidate of the show I’m a celebrity, get me out of here! shocked by the terrible accident he had just experienced.

A month later, on August 13, 2022, the mother of Milo (2 years old) and Matteo (soon to be 1 year old) unveiled an image of her husband’s foot, which is still unfortunately far from cured and it must be said, in a sorry state. “1 month after the accident… Gioboy’s foot“, can we read in the caption of a photograph where we discover the foot of Gioboy extremely swollen, red and covered with bruises.

An accident that took place just a few days before their wedding, celebrated on June 25, 2022.

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