Hillary (Moms & Famous) relieved: she gives news of her son Matteo

Hillary Vanderosieren and her companion Giovanni welcomed their second baby boy Matteo on November 23. But the joy was followed by anguish when the newborn was discovered to have two heart defects. After a necessary operation and a few weeks of anguish, Hillary gave news of her family and Matteo.

Emotional roller coaster. Giovanni Bonamy and Hillary Vanderosieren, already parents of little Milo, recently expanded their family by welcoming a second little boy, Matteo, on November 23. An immeasurable happiness quickly disturbed by the discovery of a double heart defect in the little man.

A test for the former emblematic candidate of the Ch’tis and his companion, who saw each other in the obligation to have the baby operated on. “We have been present every day, every hour, every minute, every second with him since birth. Our strength and our good vibes make it stronger. We live today difficult moments, certainly the worst of our life. But Matteo will come out stronger , Hillary explained on Instagram.

Hillary: Matteo’s health, the fight of his life

After the operation, difficult days followed for the Bonamy family. In legend of a snapshot dating from the day of the birth of his younger brother, the star of Moms and Famous delivered with sincerity measuring the path travelled: “That day I did not imagine for a second what we were going to live, cross and how we were going to fight. Today I’m amazed at the strength of my little man. He fights like a leader, a real little warrior. So small and already so strong, I’m impressed. As parents, when it concerns your son, your blood, your flesh. It’s hard… It’s easy when things are going well, but when life throws you a load… you have to hang in there. Everything that happened during these 6 weeks really made us review our priorities : HEALTH ! Without which nothing can be done. ”

The moment long awaited by Hillary, her husband and Milo has finally arrived on January 18. On Instagram the pretty blonde unveiled a snapshot ofa smiling Milo hugging his sleeping little brother...”Guess who’s happy to have found Matteo? That’s it… to our delight we went home. No more hospital, the family is reunited “, indicated the influencer in the caption of her photo. After the rain, the good weather…

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