Hillary Vanderosieren and Giovanni’s accident: possible lifelong consequences, terrible revelations EXCLUDED)

John Bonamy saw his life scroll on June 13, 2022. While trying to save his dog Pearl, the husband ofHillary Vanderosieren was hit by a car a few days before his wedding. During his hospitalization, he discovered that he was suffering from a “double fracture, a triple sprain plus a 5cm open gash” at the level of his left foot, tibia and ankles. An accident on which he returned to Purepeople.

How are you Giovanni?

It is going much better. I finally let go of the wheelchair and I can walk without crutches but I am limping. The goal is to be able to walk without limping. So I’m going to be very patient and I hope that in a few months I will be able to walk like before again.

Can these injuries have long-term consequences?

They were very honest with me. They told me that given my profile, young and sporty, there is a chance that I will recover 100%. But it’s not sure. I can limp slightly for life because my open fracture is right in the middle of a joint, but I believe in it. I do physical therapy or I swim to make it work.

Following the accident, did you file a complaint?

I didn’t file a complaint because the police came to see me right after the accident and I was at the end of my life. At the time I said I didn’t want to do it and then I went back to France for the wedding so it was too late. But this is a very big mistake on my part. You never know what consequences an accident may have later, so you should always file a complaint.

How did the driver react?

He was great. I was run over in front of my house and he rang my doorbell because I told him to go and tell my wife. Hillary arrived with Milo in her arms. He saw me on the ground, with blood, so he was a little shocked. Then I was taken home, then the ambulance arrived to go to the hospital.

Did Milo behave differently after seeing you after the accident?

I stayed three days in the hospital and when I came back he didn’t want to talk to me. He didn’t want to look at me or give me kisses or hugs. I think a lot of things happened in his head. He took two or three days to come back to me. I needed my son, I was at the end of my life but I understood him. He then understood that his dad was better.

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