Hippie hairstyles: The most beautiful hairstyles with a hippie look

In the 1960s, American youth spawned the hippie movement: Flower power was hip and an alternative way of life, which expressed itself in nature, a peace movement against the war in Vietnam and consumer criticism. This was accompanied by an unconventional style: one flowing mane, bell bottoms and hair bands belonged to the common image of the hippies. If you want to recreate the hippie look nowadays, you will find inspiration for the most beautiful hairstyles here.

Hippie hairstyles: ideas & inspiration

Open hair

  • A flowing mane with or without bangs, curly or smooth – that comes close to the hippie look. If the hair a little bit fuzzy look, then it doesn't matter at all! Plus Feathers and colored ribbons in the hair or a narrow headband, which holds back the hair, and the hairstyle is perfect!

Half open

  • Open hair looks great, but can quickly make you sweat in summer or annoy you if you keep falling on your face. The alternative is called "half open": Take the top coat together and tie it into a braid at the back of the head. Alternatively, you can also take two individual strands of the front cover hair back and pin them with hair clips.

Beach waves

  • If your straight hair seems too neat, make yourself a few beach waves. The light waves give the hair volume and just look like "fresh from the beach". Here's how you can easily do the beach waves yourself:

Half bun

  • The open hair is the epitome of hippie hairstyles – combined with one Half bun but don't hang them around your face anymore.


  • This hairstyle requires the right hair structure: frizzy hair Afro-look are in top form.

Rainbow Hair

  • Are you looking for a suitable hairstyle for the next themed party? Why not draw attention to yourself with rainbow hair – Color spray or chalk make it possible!


  • Admittedly, braided hairstyles are usually a little more complex, but they really make a difference! The good thing here: As hippie hairstyles, they don't have to be perfect and accurate – a bit loose and "undone" and the style fits! Braided hair on the sides, herringbone braid, French peasant braid, a braided wreath with flowers in your hair or boxing braids and you are sure to catch the eye!

Hippie hairstyles: hair accessories

With the accessories natural materials the saying: leather, wool, silk, flowers, feathers etc. are hip in a hippie look:

floral wreath

  • What could be more "flower power" than a wreath of flowers in your hair ?! If you want to make your flower wreath yourself, have a look here.

Flower decoration / flower

  • For the next festival or the next outdoor wedding, fresh flowers or floral decorations round off the hippie look.


  • Put feathers in your hair and there is a hint of closeness to nature and freedom.


  • The bandana cloth draws all eyes on you. Here we show you the most beautiful bandana hairstyles that you can achieve with this stylish accessory.


  • Hippie hairstyles without hair bands would be unthinkable! Whether braided, wrapped around the head, as a turban or to fix the hair – the accessory can be used extremely creatively. You can find many beautiful hairstyles with a hair band here.


  • Whether a narrow band made of leather, silk or braided wool – the bands are simply an eye-catcher. Tie the headband over the middle of the forehead and at the back of the head over the hair.


  • Fedora hat, trilby hat or straw hat, if you love hats, you kill two birds with one stone: Because the hat is sun protection and a stylish eye-catcher at the same time.

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