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Trousers: cuts and models that refine the silhouette

First of all, you have to choose the right cut. To do this, simply target the areas of your figure that you want to slim: a small belly, wide hips, a round butt, etc. Once this mission is completed, turn to the corresponding models:

– High waist pants will be very useful to hide a small tummy or love handles. The latter, which generally arrives at the level of the navel, curves the entire lower abdomen and considerably lengthens the bust.

– Carrot pants or paperbag. It is fluid and oversized at the hips and tighter at the calves. An ideal shape that does not mark any of your curves and lengthens your legs.

– A cropped or 7/8 pants. Thanks to its short cut at the ankles, it is also the perfect partner to lengthen your legs. With this optical effect, you almost have the legs of a mannequin and that, we say yes!

– A trousers bootcut. It’s a real must-have. Slightly flared at the bottom, it brings a balance between the line of your hips and your shoulders, giving you a slim and harmonious silhouette. A basic that all curvy girls should have in their dressing room.

– A culotte-style pants. Contrary to what one might think, the Large pants culotte style is not magnifying. Fluid and comfortable, it does not mold any part of the body. In addition, with him you are sure to be comfortable with your movements.

– A straight jeans. Returned to the forefront thanks to the trend of mom jeans, straight jeans are everywhere. Good thing, he has no equal when it comes to refining the silhouette and creating a nice butt without marking out the shapes.

– The tailored pants. With its darts and pleats, the tailored pants bring a tapered effect to your legs. In addition, it is perfect for going to work or going to a chic party.

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Patterns and prints to focus on

In terms of print, the must have is the stripes. But beware, not just any: the vertical stripes. And yes, whether you are petite, round or plump, these graphic lines considerably lengthen your figure. We stay in the stripes with the sporty print. The latter is illustrated by vertical stripes that adorn the side of the pants. Terribly trendy, this fashion detail perfectly slims your legs. As for the other prints, you can adopt them all if they are displayed on flowing pants, if they are discreet and above all, if they come to pimp a dark color.

The right colors to adopt

It is advisable to have at least black pants in your wardrobe. In addition to being elegant and versatile, this one is totally slimming. To change from this dark shade, you can adopt cool colors. Indeed, they have the same effect as black. So it's yours midnight blue, khaki, dark green or brown. Finally, if you like warm colors, nothing prevents you from adopting them. You just have to know how to dose. Example: if you opt for pants in a pepy shade, mix them with a darker top.

Now let's go shopping!

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