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Ben Sylvester, Princess Alexandra of Hanover’s boyfriend, has a rather surprising night job for his social background!

Last July, Alexandra of Hanover celebrated her 23rd spring. Despite her young age, the daughter of Caroline of Monaco has managed to find her place among the big names who make life on the Rock vibrate. She now lives with her mother and seems to have very little contact with her father, Ernst August from Hanover. On the heart side, the pretty brunette only has eyes for Ben Sylvester Strautmann. It’s in 2016 that Alexandra of Hanover succumbed to the charm of this great sportsman of 1m96. This tall, very discreet boy has always known how to leave room for his darling to shine.

Moreover, the one who makes the heart of the pretty princess beat, who appears in the order of succession of Queen Elizabeth II, would have a quite unusual nocturnal pastime for his social background. Studying business management at King’s College London by day, the young sportsman plays behind the turntables of some very select clubs in the evening. At nightfall, Ben Sylvester Strautmann turns into a DJ to make the starlets of the Rock dance. Quite an amazing activity for an heir to a wealthy family.

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Alexandra de Hanover and Ben Sylvester: the flagship couple of the Rock

Alexandra of Hanover and Ben Sylvester are married for 6 years now. The two young lovers did not formalize their relationship until much later, during the knockout stages of the Champions League. Although they form a fusional couple, Alexandra de Hanover and Ben Sylvester mostly live far from each other. The young man is continuing his studies in London while the pretty brunette is studying at Columbia University in New York. “My life is that of any student my age and college keeps me out of the media spotlight” confided the young woman during an interview for the Spanish media Tevla. Although they live their relationship at a distance, the two young people are no less in love. On the Rock, the announcement of their engagement is long overdue. For the moment, nothing says that their wedding is fast approaching. One thing is certain: Corona fans are eagerly awaiting it. While waiting to get the ring on her finger, Alexandra de Hanover dreams of becoming a personal shopper. “I would like to devote myself to something related to art or fashion” she confided to the Spanish media. Before adding “I think I would make a great personal shopper”. After his passion for figure skating, it is therefore towards fashion that the pretty princess wishes to turn.

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