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Bruno Finck, great love of actor Jean-Claude Brialy, has died at the age of 59. It is the association of Friends of Jean-Claude Brialy which announced the news, this Wednesday, December 15, 2021.

Bruno Finck, the great love of Jean-Claude Brialy has died out. The news was announced on Facebook, by the Friends of Jean-Claude Brialy association: “With infinite sadness we announce the great departure of our friend, our honorary president, creator of our association“, we can read on the social network. If the causes of death are not yet known, Bruno Finck suffered from a genetic disease called Huntington’s Chorea, for several years. It affects the parts of the brain that coordinate and to harmonize movements as well as memory.

Bruno Finck met Jean-Claude Brialy in 1979 at the Cannes film festival. Between the two men, love at first sight is instantaneous. “From that day on, we never left each other, until the evening of his death. He was my king, I was his prince“, even told Bruno Finck to Gala. But it was not until 2000 that Jean-Claude Brialy revealed the existence of the one who shared his life in his autobiography entitled “Le Ruisseau des Singes”. Their love story lasted until the death of the French filmmaker in 2007.

A love story and a professional collaboration

But beyond a beautiful love story, the two men also shared their professional life. Bruno Finck was even Jean-Claude Brialy’s press attaché and took charge of communications for the Théâtre des Bouffes Parisiens in 1986. When the actor died, he became its co-director.

After the death of his companion, Bruno Finck plunged into great sadness. In 2013, he left Paris to settle in the castle of Monthyon which once belonged to the actor. In 2020, plagued by serious health concerns, he moved to the South of France. This December 15 he returned to his last home.

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