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Adopted at the age of seven months by Sylvie Vartan and her husband Tony Scotti, Darina Scotti is the worthy daughter of her mother. And she did not fail to declare all her admiration for him on the occasion of his birthday.

Like Mother like daughter. After living with Johnny Hallyday for more than twenty years, Sylvie Vartan remarried in June 1984 to American producer Tony Scotti. Together, they adopt, at the age of seven months, little Darinaborn in October 1997 in Bulgaria, the singer’s native country. “I knew I would miss out on my life with Tony if we didn’t have kids together”she confided to Paris Matchwhere she even considered her daughter a “gift from God”. If she has long wanted to protect Darina from prying eyes, it is also because Sylvie Vartan could not bear to read in the press that she was her “adopted daughter”. “We do not classify children according to their birth. […] My daughter, she’s my daughter, period! she hammered in an interview. Now 25 years old, the young woman has shaped her own notoriety, especially on social networks, where she has more than 34,000 subscribers.

On Instagram, she regularly posts pictures of herself dressed in trendy outfits and always wearing her long blonde hair. And this one is not not unlike that of Sylvie Vartanwhich is for her a true source of inspiration. Monday August 15, Darina Scotti celebrated the singer’s 78th birthday by sending her a tender message in an Instagram story to declare her love, but also her admiration. “Happy birthday to the most beautiful, kindest, and most loving mom. I love you with all my heartshe first wrote on a snapshot of the singer strolling, younger, in the streets of Los Angeles, before adding, on another photo of her: Thanks for everything you do for me and everyone around you. Thank you for being an exceptional mom. Thank you for choosing me.”

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Sylvie Vartan admiring her daughter

An adorable message from Darina Scotti, who then posted on her Instagram account a snapshot of her in a swimsuit, on the edge of a swimming pool, in Beverly Hills. “Short vacation by the pool”, she wrote in the caption. And his relatives are completely charmed, like his niece Ilona Smet, who commented with a “Oh my God” conquered, while Sylvie Vartan, she greeted the beauty of her daughter with three heart emojis. And she did not fail to respond to him by declaring, once again, his love.

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