his “difficult” experience on the set of “Tuche 4”

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While the fourth opus of the cult saga returned this weekend on Canal +, the actress, who plays the role of the mother, returned to the conditions of the shooting. Indeed, the director gave him a very complicated challenge to take up.

It’s been a year since the fourth opus in the Tuche saga was released in cinemas. On the program for this Saturday, January 21 on Canal+, this last episode marks the return of the cult family to their native village, Bouzolles, after a spell at the Élysée, in the United States and in Monaco. With its 2.4 million admissions at the French box office (according to Allociné), the fourth adventure of the Tuche family is the least successful in the saga directed by Olivier Baroux. Isabelle Nanty takes over the role of Cathy Tuche, the mother of the family. But a difficulty was added to the filmingas she revealed on the set of It’s up to you, at the time of the film’s promotional tour. Indeed, the director asked him to bend to a real intellectual gymnastics by playing a supporting role: that of Maguy, Cathy’s sister.

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According to Olivier Baroux’s own admission, quoted by Gala, the challenge was “a hell”. Isabelle Nanty remembers in particular a scene where the two characters discuss, which had to be filmed separately: What I found difficult was not to play with someone! Finally, I played with Pascale (the understudy), to give me the cue, but it’s so good to play with a partner. So it took three days to shoot this two-minute scene.

No double pay

In addition to not having been able to play one of his characters in real conditions, Isabelle Nanty also had to remember the two texts at the same time. For Olivier Baroux, there was no question of hiring a second actress, as suggested by the actress who represented for him a “added value”. Spectators saw two Isabelle Nanty on screen. But double role does not rhyme with double pay: to the question of Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine, who wondered if she had received two stamps, the actress answered “[avoir] been well paid, but [ne pas avoir] got two stamps”.

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