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While season 8 of Outlander will be the last, the interpreter of Jamie Fraser seems to have left a clue in the comments on the canvas as to the end of the series.

Series Outlander coming to an end much to the chagrin of his fans. If season 7 arrives on the Netflix video-on-demand platform in the summer of 2023, we also know that season 8Outlander will be the last. However, the author of the books, Diana Gabaldon, said that the series of novels The Thistle and the Tartanwhich inspired the series, would go until the 10th volume. Problem: while the first six seasons each correspond to one of the author’s novels, how are the last four books going to be suitable for the screen?

On social networks, speculation is rife. Will seasons 7 and 8 correspond respectively to novels 7 and 8, at the risk of not having the end of the series adapted? Another option, will seasons 7 and 8 compile, for the first, novels 7 and 8, and for the second, novels 9 and 10? While most seasons have 13 episodes, we already know that the seventh will have 16. As questions flourished on the Internet, actor Sam Heughan, it seems, wanted to direct Internet users to the beginning of an answer. While a woman wondered: “So the TV production will end and the story will continue with DG Book 10 (or more) released at a later date?” The interpreter of Jamie Fraser answered him with a “raised hands” emoji. Enough to leave Internet users … flabbergasted.

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What did the actor meanOutlander Sam Heughan?

According to the Iconoclic website, this emoji can mean excitement, joy or even allowimitate the gesture of triumph that you do in real life when you raise your hands above your head in celebration. But for Iconoclic, this emoji has also meaning in the audiovisual world and therefore in that of… television series. The emoji indeed refers to the gesture of framing a shot using both hands. If all this remains very enigmatic, many Internet users quickly reacted to Sam Heughan’s comment. “I’m planning a possible movie that would follow book 10 later, if the stars align and your schedules allow it, just like TLK and Downton Abbey did”, said one of them. And another to add: “Here’s an idea: films for volumes 9 and 10.”

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