His father hits his mother, this 5 year old boy sounds the alarm

A 29-year-old mother was seriously injured by her companion on Thursday, August 12, in the Center-Val de Loire region. It was her five-year-old son who sounded the alarm. The alleged perpetrator was remanded in custody for aggravated attempted murder.

It is around 7 p.m., Thursday, August 12, when a five-year-old boy rings insistently at a small pavilion in the Frémillon district, in La Ferté-Saint-Aubin, in the Center-Val de Loire. Its occupant quickly recognizes it, it is the son of the neighboring couple. “He had blood stains on him, but I didn’t immediately pay attention to them, at that age they often play with paint. That’s when he said to me: ‘daddy is killing mommy’! “ she declares daily The Republic of the Center.

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The latter then rushes to her neighbors, whose pavilion is adjoining. She discovers the mother of the family there. “She was standing at the door, she had blood all over her face, like in the movie Carrie”, she describes. Her other children, two little girls aged 2 and 4, stand behind her, frightened.

Knife and hammer blows

Miraculously, the young woman is still conscious, despite very serious injuries. She is sheltered with her neighbor, with her daughters and her son, while waiting for help to arrive.

Taken care of at the Orléans hospital, the mother received multiple hammer blows to the head and hands, as well as stab wounds which caused her deep slashes. Several dozen stitches are needed. She also suffers from various fractures, but her life is not in danger.

His companion, who had left the scene after the assault, was arrested shortly after by the police. It seems that his little boy tried to bite him to let go, he had gone to the fire department for treatment.

The scourge of domestic violence

How many little children like this run to their neighbors every day to sound the alarm? And how many don’t have the time to do it? Since the beginning of the year, 77 feminicides have been identified by the media, and confirmed by the collective Feminicides by companion or ex. For many of them, the facts unfold before the eyes of the couple’s children.

Do something while I’m still alive “: Ana’s desperate call, victim of domestic violence

Video by Aurore Emonnot

In an interview produced for Le Parisien and published on Sunday August 1, we learned a little more about the results of domestic violence in 2020, marked by two national confinements. 102 women and 23 men were killed, a figure historically low for 15 years, but which still finds its limits. Indeed, the number of interventions by the police remains very impressive. “The number of police and gendarmerie interventions for domestic violence remains very high: more than 400,000, or 45 interventions per hour”, indicated the minister. And to continue: “Not a day goes by without the GIGN or the Raid going to free a woman or children taken hostage …”

If you are a witness or a victim of violence, call 3919, a national, anonymous and free listening number intended for women victims of violence and those around them.

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