his fight against the terrible illness that struck his son Joseph Cluzet


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In the program The Unexpected Journal, broadcast on RTL on Saturday September 10, Valérie Bonneton confided in the leukemia which affected her son Joseph when he was only 4 years old.

Valérie Bonneton is known for her brilliant career as an actress. She acted in many movies like The little family Where Eyjafjallajökullor The little handkerchiefs… . On the private side, she is the mother of three children, Marguerite, Paul and Joseph, born of her union with François Cluzet. While she was invited on RTL, Saturday September 10, to promote her book mom to me in which she decided to write from the point of view of Gaston, her Maltese bichon, the 52-year-old actress did poignant secrets about his personal life. She spoke in particular about the terrible illness that affected her son Joseph, now 21 years old.

The little boy had leukemia at the age of four. “I had work offers, but I refused them, because it was out of the question that I did not spend all my time with him”, she confided before adding: “And for a long time I wanted to tell it, because I did everything to make it life is beautiful at the hospital. I transformed everything and wow it’s huge”. Thanks to the support of his mother, the young man is now very fulfilled. Thanks to the energy of his mother, the young man is totally fulfilled. “And today my boy is 21, he has no bad memories. He loves people, because there were always lots of people coming: nurses, doctors, etc. He loves doctors. It’s always very moving… And I wanted to tell it”, she explained.

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Valérie Bonneton, a very present mother

Very proud of her son, the actress is full of praise for her. “Today, my boy, he has a taste for life but incredible. As soon as I have complicated, very hard things, he says to me: ‘Oh it’s funny’. But finally, he is fed up with everything. nothing is a problem. It’s moving for me to talk about it.” she said with tears in her voice. “To talk about it for me, it was almost impossible, because it’s so crazy to live like this…”, resumed the one who was elevated to the rank of Knight of Honor. Before adding: “When you have a 4-year-old child, who can’t play, who can’t do anything. Every door handle, you have to clean it – covid is nothing next to it – you have to wash the vegetables with a tip bleach. You have to do this, you have to do that”.

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