his first electric scooter would be (very) soon

Honda is one of the main scooter manufacturers in the world, but had until then not positioned itself in the electric scooter segment. The year 2023 should remedy this, with a first model launched in India.

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The market for electric scooters is booming with intensity. There are many new models to hit the market. However, one of the key players in thermal scooters, Honda in this case, has not yet positioned itself in the segment – ​​although it has a model in China, but via its local subsidiary Wuyang-Honda. A lack that he could nevertheless soon fill.

The Activa as a base

According to several media – IndiaTimes, Gaadiwaadi –, the brand would have decided to launch into the deep end from 2023, but on a very specific market to start with: India. Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI) is reportedly working on the development of a first model which could look like one of its catalog products.

The manufacturer could indeed release an electric iteration of the Activa, one of Honda’s best-selling scooters in the country. Also, the company would have created a working group to collaborate with Honda Motorcycle Japan, which would help in particular in the development of the platform and the main technologies of the electric two-wheeler.

A more global launch?

The Honda Activa is a 125 cc scooter: the firm could therefore place its pawns on the more powerful scooters before looking at the 50 cc equivalents. But what was especially surprising until then is that the market leader in 2021 – on thermal scooters – is abandoning electric motorization.

It will therefore be interesting to observe Honda’s first steps in this new yard. Above all, does the company intend to launch into other markets such as Europe, and more particularly France? A question currently unanswered, but which could be answered within the next few months.

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