His mother-in-law stole his Valentine’s Day present and refuses to return it

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After receiving a Valentine’s Day gift from her husband, a woman was devastated that she had lost him. What was her surprise when she learned that it was actually her stepmother who had stolen from her.

This Tuesday, February 14, the lovebirds celebrate their love on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. But while the colombines are already planning to spend a most romantic date before celebrating their love, this day is not a success for everyone. For some it is even synonymous with a missed date at best or an evening that turns into a nightmare in the worst case. To believe that certain astrological signs are definitely not compatible in love. But sometimes stars aren’t the only thing that can ruin your Valentine’s Day.

After receiving a precious gift from her husband on the feast of love, a woman felt deeply saddened that she had lost him years later. What was her surprise when she realized that the sentimental object had not disappeared but had in fact been stolen. No burglar is to blame in this affair since it is actually a member of the entourage who appropriated the gift offered for Valentine’s Day.

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The Valentine’s Thief

An unlikely scenario that literally dispelled the romantic spirit of this special day for lovers. However, the facts did indeed occur and concern a mug on which is written the mention “I love you”. In addition to being a gift with great sentimental value, the object is also very practical for its user who remembers using it daily before it ends up disappearing. “I really liked this mug. It lifted my spirits every time I looked at it, it was the perfect size for my coffee, a comfortable handle, and it was just a lovely cup. I used it daily”confides the victim on a forum.

Between two moves, the couple had to settle for some time with the husband’s mother, taking the said cup with them among their belongings. “I noticed she used it a few times, okay that’s normal, we were at her house. But when we moved, I couldn’t find that mug. I swear I packed it but it wasn’t in the box with the other mugs.” wonders the woman. Some time later, during a visit to her mother-in-law, the woman finally comes across the cup that had disappeared in a cupboard.. What a relief for her who finally thought she could use her favorite mug again. “She said NO, it’s her mug. That someone bought it for her. I asked who? She couldn’t remember. This mug is very recognizable, even with a small scratch i made by accident the first week i got it so i know it’s my mug”continues the victim who finally left his cherished cup to his mother-in-law. Since that day, the 40-year-old can’t help but think back to her stolen Valentine’s mug every year. An anecdote that did not fail to react to Internet users.

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