his poignant confessions about the adoption of his two children

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A few years ago, Nathalie Renoux had confided in about her two sons as well as on the adoption. Between happiness and fears, a return to the words of a fulfilled mother, delivered with an open heart.

It is on the set of M6 viewers can find Nathalie Renoux with 12:45 p.m. and 7:45 p.m. on weekends. And it is, almost on this same set, that the presenter met her husband, Mathieu Neau. The latter is indeed editor of the weekend newspapers. The lovebirds have decided to saddle their love by adopting, like other parents, two children in Colombia. A most moving family life, on which Nathalie Renoux confided in TV Magazine saying that she and her husband have “adopted two children in ColombiaManuel, in 2003, in Montería and Juan, in 2009, in Bogotá”while specifying with tenderness and emotion: “These are the first names they wore and that we found very beautiful”.

The presenter had first explained that her husband and they could not “not having biological children”before confiding in their recourse to adoption: “He was ready before me. Then, one day, I read a testimonial in the written press where a journalist recounted her journey. It was the trigger. I then understood that I had to go towards this by guessing that this choice would lead to something concrete and happy. And, indeed, two children have arrived in our home”she delivered.

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Nathalie Renoux “Me, mom, I want a peaceful child”

She later recalled the meeting with her two sons: “For the first, then 8 months old, there were lots of people. We put a baby in my arms and he screamed. The audience seemed to be waiting to see our emotion, but the real intimacy took place at the hotel during his first nap with us. I was able to watch Manuel for a long time while he slept. It was very strong…“, she confided. For the second, we have them “let this moment live alone with familywith their eldest son.

The mother also spoke of her fear as a mother, and more particularly an adoptive mother: “The only fear one can have, as the film clearly shows, is knowing how far such a quest can prevent a child or an adult from moving forward and be happy. Me, mum, like all mums, I want a peaceful child”she said.


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