his rape conviction overturned by the New York appeals court

A twist in the affair which led to the emergence of the #MeToo movement. This Thursday, April 25, 2024, the New York Court of Appeal overturned Harvey Weinstein’s rape conviction. A court decision justified by procedural errors committed during the trial of the Hollywood mogul.

This Thursday, April 25, 2024, The New York City Court of Appeal overturned the rape and sexual assault conviction of Harvey Weinstein, the former Hollywood star producer. A decision which cancels the conviction dating from 2020 in this highly publicized case and at the origin of the movement #MeToowhich has since crossed the borders of the United States but also of cinema, paving the way for the freedom of speech of many women victims of sexual assault.

The decision of the New York Court of Appeal is justified by procedural errors made during the trial of the Hollywood mogul. In view of these elements, the New York court ordered the holding of a new trial for Harvey Weinstein, according to information from our colleagues at Dauphiné Libéréciting a dispatch AFP.

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Harvey Weinstein sentenced several times

As a reminder, Harvey Weinstein was sentenced in 2020 by the New York court to serve a 23-year prison sentence. A decision which the fallen producer had appealed and today called into question by the New York court of appeal.

This trial is not the only one targeting the man accused of rape or sexual assault by more than 90 women. Indeed, he was also brought before the Californian courts to answer for the acts with which he was accused.

Harvey Weinstein: “I have never raped”

Facts for which he was tried before the Los Angeles court, the verdict of which, rendered on February 23, 2023, aligned with the legal decision rendered a few years earlier by the New York court despite the defendant’s attempts to find extenuating circumstances.

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That day, Harvey Weinstein showed up to his trial in a wheelchair. “Please don’t sentence me to life in prison. I do not deserve it. There are so many things that are not normal about this case. I maintain that I am innocent, I have never raped or sexually assaulted [la plaignante]”he declared, as reported The world.

The producer also appealed in California

A speech which does not seem to have called for leniency from the judge: sixteen additional years of prison were thus required against the man who has long been considered a kingmaker in Hollywood. Harvey Weinstein being 72 years old, he was therefore likely to spend the rest of his life behind bars unless his appeal changes the situation. It therefore remains to be seen whether or not the California Court of Appeal also decides to overturn the court decision which resulted in the former film producer’s prison sentence being extended.

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