his rare confidences about his young companion Cerise

In a relationship with Cerise, Renaud left his usual discretion aside to talk about his love for her. Rare confidences about his young companion.

On the occasion of the release of his twentieth studio album, In my ropesRenaud spoke as rarely about his partner at the microphone of RTL this Friday, December 1, 2023. Recently in conflict with his ex Romane Serda over the alimony paid for their son, the singer now says he is happy in a relationship with Christine, whom he calls Cerise. Present on Vianney’s duets disc, the artist on tour until January has severely denied the rumors of pregnancy, at 71 years old.

Seen together at Hugues Aufray’s wedding, Renaud and Christine seem very united. Very happy to perform on stage again, he spoke of the audience, which he had missed. Throughout his performance, he makes him rediscover his titles but also includes little-known ones, like In your bagbeloved by fans” but which the general public does not know.

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Renaud confides in his love with Cerise

After looking back on his 20 years of unhappiness, eaten away by alcoholism, Renaud explains that he got out of it three years ago now. Freed from his demons, he now describes himself as a man “wise” and a man “free“but a man”chained by love”. Always at his side behind the scenes, his other half accompanies him everywhere and attends all his concerts. Rare confidences about a relationship that he tries to preserve.

The singer of winner Mistral And Morgana from you is delighted to share these moments with the one he loves. His relationship with the public is unique: “I have never been known for my vocal performances, but the public likes my character, my look, my anger, my anxieties, my sorrows, they like to share that with me”, he explains. But that doesn’t stop him from taking care of his instrument, his vocal cords, in particular thanks to the help of a coach and by stopping cigarettes. There is no doubt that his fans will be delighted to find their idol, free of his addictions and fulfilled in love.

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