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This Friday, October 1, Amel Bent was present on the set of “Quotidien”. The opportunity for the singer to talk about her two daughters, Sofia and Hana.

Amel Bent is in full promotion for the release of his new album, Alive. This Friday, October 1, the singer, who was spotted during her participation in the “New Star”, was present on the set of “Quotidien”. Asked by Yann Barthès about his daughters, the coach of “The Voice” did not hide her wonder at the idea of ​​evoking the apple of his eye. If Sofia and Hana fill her with happiness, they also help her to accept herself and make her proud. “When I look at my daughters, and see myself in them and love them deeply, I have to love myself“, she confided with tenderness to Yann Barthès.

“You are tough”

Tender confidences which touched all the people present on the set of “Quotidien”, as well as the viewers. However, the result of his remarks somewhat challenged the host of TMC’s flagship show. Amel Bent recognizes him, his two daughters resemble him like two drops of water, which disturbs her. Moreover, she clarified: “If I don’t like pieces of me, I don’t like pieces of them, and that’s not possible. “Yann Barthès found his guest hard on herself, who told her:”You slice. “To which Amel Bent retorted:”At some point in life, you have to decide. You have to move your pawns forward. “

In any case, becoming a mother changed the life of the young woman, and this, for the better. As Yann Barthès reminded him during the show, this allowed him to “solve a lot of problems“, thus quoting his own words uttered in a previous interview. After having”took hits“, Patrick Antonelli’s wife is now a fulfilled woman. Moreover, the interpreter of My philosophy once again confided that she would dream of having two more daughters. Sofia and Hana will they have the pleasure of having little sisters? Only the future will tell.

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