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The relationship between Sylvie Tellier and her sister Delphine already seemed tumultuous, but the godmother of the Misses said more about their relationship.

A non-existent relationship. For a few months, Sylvie Tellier and her little sister Delphine have made remarks, each with regard to the other, not very tender. In question in particular, the relationship between the godmother of the Misses and the companion of her little sister, who is none other than the actor Jean-Pascal Lacoste, former candidate of the star Academy. The couple has just welcomed a babybut the happy event did not ease tensions.

During a word of questions and answers in story on her Instagram account, the former Miss France answered the question “Is Delphine Tellier your sister?”. And the mother of three has been particularly clear in a few lines. “She is the daughter my father had with his second wife”, she began. “My parents divorced when I was only 11, and they both started over.” The mother of Oscar, Roméo and Margaux then added that she had been raised by her mother alongside her two sisters Anne-Sophie and Stéphanie. “I wish Delphine a lot of happiness because I read in the press that she had a little girl a few months ago”, she concluded. It would therefore seem that the relations between the two half-sisters are non-existent since the director of the Miss France company learned of the birth of her niece in the newspapers.

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A complicated family situation

During the early days of the complication of their relationship, Delphine Tellier had assured that her sister did not accept his new companion. “I wanted her to meet him, but she was always putting off the momentshe explained in Cine TV Revue. I would have had to choose between him and my sisters.” During his interview for The Luxury MomentJean-Pascal Lacoste had already mentioned these reasons and reported an unchanged situation. “It doesn’t get any better with her. These are family stories! I don’t know her, it doesn’t prevent me from sleeping! She makes her life, I make mine, who cares”he had assured. “Sylvie Tellier had asked him to make a choice! It was her or me! Because, according to Sylvie, you shouldn’t go out with TV people!” he confided. For her part, the godmother of Miss did not comment on the situation.

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