Hisui forms from the Arceus Pokémon Legends starters

A few days before the release of Pokémon Legends: Arceus, huge leaks revealed the final evolution of the starters, in a form of Hitsui that is far from unanimous.

As the next Pokémon license game approaches, many trainers are on the lookout for any news about this adventure, which already promises to be extraordinary. With never-before-seen gameplay for the franchise and a leap into Sinnoh’s past, Pokémon Legends: Arceus veers off the beaten path that made pocket monsters famous.

For several weeks, the community has been passionate about the forms of Hisui. Indeed, many Pokémon encountered during the adventure will have a form, and probably types, different from those we are used to seeing.

Even more exciting, many rumors already suggested that the three starters Brindibou, Moustillon and Héricendre would also be entitled to Hisui evolutions. On January 19, 2022, a shower of leaks revealed the appearance of Archeduke, Clamiral and Typhlosion.

Hisui’s forms of Archduke, Clamiral, and Typhlosion

Shared on social networks by many leakers, the images of these new forms of Hisui made the community react enormously.

In his Hisui form, Archduke adopts a more humanoid look. Its much shorter wings look more like a small cape than the majestic feathered limbs of a mighty raptor. His hood of leaves has also disappeared to make way for a hat sticking perfectly to the folklore of medieval Japan.

Clamiral is probably the starter who has undergone the fewest changes. Its overall shape remains globally identical in its Hisui version, even if its whiskers or its horn are slightly different. We will especially notice a much darker color palette, with elegant red patterns on its shell and legs.

Finally, Typhlosion has swapped its aggressive look for a more peaceful one. The hedgehog trades its red shades for purple, a color that will also be found in the flames surrounding its neck when it fights.

Hisui Starters Receive Mixed Feedback

Upon discovering these leaks, many trainers expressed their disappointment. Many elements of the design of Archeduc, Clamiral and Typhlosion have indeed suffered waves of harsh criticism.

Many Internet users in particular make fun of the apathetic air of Typhlosion or the “ridiculous” look of Archéduc. In the end, it is the least popular Pokémon of the three, Clamiral, which seems to have convinced trainers the most.

However, it is important to keep in mind that we have only been able to see a few images of these Hisui forms. The first videos of this new Typhlosion also quickly reassured the fans who were able to see that the fire starter was more charismatic than the first images suggested.

It will be necessary to wait until the game is released and we see these Pokémon in action, animated and in their environment, before being able to fully judge the success or failure of all these new forms of Hisui.

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