“Hit the star”: Sophia Thomalla celebrates triumph with obstacles

“Beat the celebrity”
Sophia Thomalla celebrates triumph with obstacles

With a little delay, Sophia Thomalla was allowed to cheer.

© Photo: ProSieben / Willi Weber

Sophia Thomalla won “Schlag den Star”. The fact that it took longer than necessary was only partly due to opponent Evelyn Burdecki.

The blonde version of “Schlag den Star” on Saturday night was anything but ordinary. Evelyn Burdecki (32) and Sophia Thomalla (31) hadn’t even got the chance to prove themselves when an uninvited guest stormed onto the stage at the beginning of the show. A man from the audience introduced himself briefly, turned to the visibly perplexed presenter Elton (50) and asked him a bizarre question: “I would like to know: Where the hell is ‘GTA6’? I’m still waiting for ‘GTA6’ “he complained. Instead of making a political statement in the election year, the “Flitzer” simply made his wish to play a new video game.

Thomalla has to win twice

When the disappointed gamer was finally escorted off the stage by the security forces, the show could finally begin. It became clear early on that “Schlag den Star” veteran Thomalla did not want to show any nakedness that evening either. As with her win over Fernanda Brandão (38) in 2015 (final score at that time: 28: 8), she also had an early lead against Burdecki.

However, Thomalla was not able to make too short work of it. After Burdecki was able to fend off the first match ball long after midnight, the game continued at 31:60 with game 14 called “Dosenlauf”. Thomalla mastered the obstacle course with ease, gold glitter rained down from the studio sky and the suitcase with 100,000 euros was then pushed into her hand. A safe victory – had it not been for Elton.

“Spoiler” Elton proves eagle eyes

He was the only one who wanted to have spotted a rule violation by Thomalla. At the risk of being seen as a “spoilsport”, he tried video evidence – and in fact Thomalla had not crossed the finish line on the cans as specified. The suitcase was taken from her hand again and the game was repeated. But that only delayed her triumph by a few minutes, because on the second attempt Thomalla crossed the finish line first and this time in accordance with the rules. She was then given the money again, only her confetti had already missed the show. After all: Thomalla experienced Whitney Houston’s “One Moment In Time” twice.