Hofreiter in the ntv early start: “Government shows that it can not do it”

Hofreiter in the ntv early start
“Government shows that it cannot”

The vaccination campaign comes to a halt. That is why Anton Hofreiter from the Greens now believes compulsory vaccination in some areas is conceivable. He criticizes the federal government and the possible coalition partner Olaf Scholz.

The chairman of the Greens in the Bundestag, Anton Hofreiter, is open to obliging people in selected professions to have a corona vaccination. “You have to see if you can think about compulsory vaccinations in certain sensitive areas,” said Hofreiter in “early start” at ntv. Such a regulation must now come as soon as possible, if it is constitutionally possible. Hofreiter also spoke out in favor of introducing an obligation for employees in certain professions to tell the employer whether they have been vaccinated.

The number of daily vaccinations in Germany has been increasing more and more slowly for weeks. Hofreiter blamed the grand coalition for this. “This pandemic could almost be over, and now we are facing the fourth wave because the federal government has hit the wall with the vaccination campaign.” You have to “proactively” approach people to advertise vaccinations. “As with Afghanistan, as with the climate crisis, the government and all its protagonists have shown that they cannot do it.” Hofreiter called for the so-called “3G regulation” to be implemented across the board – that is, access to certain areas only for vaccinated, convalescent and tested people.

Hofreiter welcomed the fact that the SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz had spoken out in favor of a red-green government. However, one wishes for the coalition under green leadership. In terms of content, the SPD is closest to the Greens. With Scholz, however, he is sometimes not sure what exactly he stands for, according to Hofreiter. In Lusatia, Scholz had spoken out against the end of all coal-fired power plants before 2038, but in front of climate activists he said that it might be possible earlier. “I always find it questionable when political actors have a tactical relationship with important issues.”

The Green parliamentary group leader set conditions for a possible alliance with the Left Party. It must be ensured that Germany can continue to work “sensibly” internationally and at European level. Hofreiter cited blue helmets as an example to save human lives. The left also needs to clarify how it feels about the European Union and Russian President Putin. “The Left Party has to decide: Does it just claim that it wants to govern or does it create the conditions.”

The polls of the Greens are “not bad” when you consider that the Greens are currently still the smallest parliamentary group in the Bundestag. Hofreiter also said: “You can ask for more.” Since the TV triall of the chancellor candidates, however, you have been catching up. Annalena Baerbock will convince in the final sprint above all with the climate issue voters.