Hogwarts Legacy for PS4 and Xbox One: Players should note this immediately after release


Hogwarts Legacy has now also been released for PS4 and Xbox One. We tell you what new players should consider immediately after the release.

Hogwarts Legacy is now also available for PS4 and Xbox One. (Source: Warner Bros. Games)

  • Hogwarts Legacy is now also available for PS4 and Xbox One.
  • The Harry Potter game is coming to Nintendo Switch on July 25th.

After some postponements, Hogwarts Legacy is finally available for PS4 and Xbox One. From now on you can explore the “Harry Potter” world with your own character.

However, if you venture into the wizarding world, there are a few of our tips and tricks you should keep in mind to avoid getting lost or worse in the open world.

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Because in the history of Hogwarts Legacy, things don’t stay peaceful for very long. You come into contact with particularly nasty opponents who want to curse you with the three unforgivables.

learn magic

You can preempt the opponents and learn Avada Kedavra, Imperio and Crucio yourself. But in addition to the three curses, there are many more spells that you can learn at the famous Hogwarts School of Magic. We tell you the best spells in the game that will make any opponent fall over in an instant.

If you’re talented in herbalism classes, you can even make plants fight for you. However, before you can do that, you have to quickly collect experience points and find the best equipment, otherwise enemies like the trolls will cause you serious problems.

For PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC players who are already well versed in Hogwarts Legacy, we also have 12 Easter Eggs Harry Potter fans should know. If you want to play on Nintendo Switch, you have to wait until July 25th.

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