Hogwarts Legacy: The RPG in the Harry Potter universe finally for 2023?

While recent rumors hinted at (good?) news about Hogwarts Legacy for the month of January, it seems that all is not so rosy in the Harry Potter universe.

As our colleagues from Eurogamer report, those who hoped to be able to take advantage of the Harry Potter RPG promised for the year 2022 could be at their expense. Indeed, the British are peddling the words of a certain Colin Moriarty, host of the Sacred Symbols podcast, who seems to have information on the subject. He would have heard backstage that “the game would not be released this year “and that the development”would encounter problems“. Everything is obviously to be taken with a grain of salt, but the rumor is of primary importance.

A year full of Harry Potter content

Given the more than complete radio silence that surrounds the next video game adaptation of the Harry Potter universe, this does not seem so extraordinary as that. The release of the third episode of the film series Fantastic Beasts next April 8 could have offered a good timing to learn more about the game, not to mention the arrival of the Harry Potter Anniversary Episode available since January 1. But nothing helps: despite a rich year for potterheads, the era does not seem to bring luck to the RPG Hogwarts Legacy.

The question that also arises is the following: what kind of problem can the development of the game encounter? Warner Bros obviously did not no comment on the case, but had nevertheless promised to give some news in this year 2022. We therefore hope that the development has not started from scratch as can sometimes happen…

Note in passing that the PlayStation Twitter account did not even deign to mention the name of the game among the “big” releases of the year. Should we see a sign there? You tell us.

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