Holidays begin – 32,000 schoolchildren receive their certificates in Burgenland

Holidays start today in Burgenland. A not easy school year for children and teachers comes to an end. The challenges ranged from the corona pandemic to the integration of refugee children from Ukraine.

Certificates are distributed for around 32,000 students today. Education Councilor Daniela Winkler (SPÖ) also takes stock of the past school year with satisfaction. So the start was already good. “We reacted quickly to the mentally and physically adverse effects of the pandemic and provided the students with various supportive measures and offers,” says Winkler. Extensive support This is how the digital class Burgenland was set up in autumn. Pupils received a comprehensive range of support for at home. At the same time, from spring onwards, it was also possible to integrate children who had fled from the Ukraine into schools and kindergartens. Directors, teachers, but also fellow students showed great commitment. At the end of school, a total of around 480 Ukrainian children were being taught in Burgenland. “The crowning sporting conclusion was the numerous school cooperations with the Special Olympics,” sums up Winkler. The opening of the “Ceramico Stoob” also strengthened a school location for the training and further education of skilled workers.Music offensive from autumn Numerous projects are again planned for the coming school year, above all the music offensive in the second grade. “I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of the school year and wish you happy and relaxing holidays,” explains the Education Minister.
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