Holidays Iceland, Denmark, Scotland… Where to travel to find freshness?

Do you like to travel but flee the scorching temperatures? Several European destinations allow you to enjoy a change of scenery while traveling “in the fresh air”.


Let’s go for a great change of scenery, on this fantastic island, which will delight nature lovers. Here, no scorching temperature in summer. The northern part of the island is only accessible by road from April or May, as it is snowy the rest of the year.

Iceland is an ideal destination for hiking, near waterfalls, by the ocean and on the side of glaciers. On the thermometer side, the temperatures are between 15 and 20 degrees. So plan to put a light down jacket, a raincoat and closed shoes in your suitcase.

In July, a round trip to Reykjavik will cost you €300 from Lyon, €500 from Strasbourg and €350 if you leave from Geneva.

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Gateway to Scandinavia, Denmark remains a country with few tourists, when you move away from its capital, Copenhagen. However, it offers beautiful discoveries, from the magnificent medieval town of Ribe, to the cliffs of the island of Møn, which flow into the Baltic Sea, via the island of Fano and its windswept beaches, and the Legoland Park, an unmissable destination for lovers of small bricks…

In terms of weather, the weather is generally mild in summer and the temperatures very mild, rising to a maximum of 25 degrees. Enough to slip a few shorts into his suitcase.

To reach Copenhagen in July, you will have to pay 290 € from Lyon, 270 € from Strasbourg and 190 € from Geneva.

Photo by Connor Mollison on Unsplash

Photo by Connor Mollison on Unsplash


If you like hiking, old stones and nature, Scotland is the destination for you. In summer, temperatures are around 20 degrees and allow you to cool off, especially if you decide to reach the north of the territory, towards the Highlands and via the Isle of Skye.

Even if it may be complicated to swim, you can enjoy sublime white sand beaches, continuing to the Isle of Lewis and Harris, where sheep sometimes outnumber tourists.

For a round trip to Edinburgh in July, count 300 € from Lyon, 300 € from Strasbourg and 190 € from Geneva.

The Netherlands

Gouda, Maastricht, Marken and of course Amsterdam: these are some essential stops to discover the soul of the Netherlands, its villages, its countryside and its culture. The Netherlands is an ideal destination in summer, allowing you to take advantage of often sunny weather, but mild temperatures, around 25 degrees.

In July, a round trip to Amsterdam will cost you €130 from Lyon, €100 from Strasbourg and €160 from Geneva.

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