Holly Geraghty halved her body weight in just three years

Holly Geraghty
She halved her body weight to be able to play with the children again

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Holly Geraghty, 28, has long struggled with being overweight. The Englishwoman weighed over 120 kilos. But three years ago she decided to change her life – for herself and her children.

Playing carefree with your children without having to take a break? For Holly Geraghty, 28, long unthinkable. Her three children repeatedly pushed her to her physical limits. But about three years ago, in the summer of 2018, Holly made a decision. She wanted to lose weight so that she could finally feel good about her body again and be a good role model for her children.

Before she died: Holly Geraghty was ashamed of her looks

For a long time, it was unthinkable for Holly to leave the house without make-up and a done hairdo. Because she was ashamed of her body, never wore tight things and lived in leggings and wide, stretchy tops, as she reveals in an interview. For her, makeup was the only way to regain control of her appearance. That was the only way the then 25-year-old felt reasonably safe.

The key moment

For a long time, Holly was plagued by an incredible tiredness. While playing with her three children, she often had to take breaks, sometimes even naps, to regain her strength for the rest of the day. “I avoided going alone with them somewhere fun or where they could get active so I didn’t have to worry about not being able to keep up with them.”

When she finally took two seats on the bus instead of one because of her weight, Holly knew she had to make a change.

With exercise and nutrition: This is how Holly lost around half her body weight

In the summer of 2018, Holly started her weight loss. At that time, she weighed over 120 kilos, wore a dress size 18 – which corresponds to about a 46 in Germany. “I started walking with my best friend and eating real meals instead of snacking or skipping meals,” says Holly. As a result, she felt fewer cravings and was able to better control her eating habits.

At first, the Englishwoman found it difficult to give up her usual meals, which mostly consisted of fast food. But she discovered cooking for herself and recreated her favorite unhealthy meals at home – only in healthy ones. As a result, Holly saved a lot of calories and stayed within her daily calorie requirements without having to forego delicious food.

This is what Holly looks like today

With success – because the 28-year-old quickly lost the kilos after she decided to lose weight. Holly now weighs around 70 kilos. Hardly recognizable in the photos she shares on her Instagram channel.

Her weight loss has given her more confidence, she says. Today she can leave the house without any make-up and play carefree with her children without pausing. For her that is the most beautiful thing.

With her recipes, Holly also wants to help other sufferers

But not only before and after photos can be found on Holly’s Instagram account. The 28-year-old also likes to share her dishes with her community. These include a lower-calorie burger variant from McDonalds, curry with naan bread or the classic spaghetti Bolognese.

It’s important to Holly to convey to her followers that you don’t have to do without food that you like when you lose weight. The Englishwoman doesn’t believe in crash diets either. “It’s important not to set unrealistic goals.” Instead, you should try to incorporate small changes into your everyday life and constantly build on them. This is the only way to really keep up the weight loss process in the end.

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