Hollywood: Kiss and sex scenes are to be "shot" with CGI


The compulsory break is over: As of today (June 12th) shooting in Hollywood is allowed again. However, due to the current health situation, all major film and TV productions have to be rescheduled. Especially scenes with close physical contact are practically impossible afterwards without immense effort. Does that mean there won't be any kissing or sex scenes for the foreseeable future? Not quite!

Rather, they should be rewritten by the authors or generated by computers. This emerges from a 22-page document that a consortium of representatives of the US entertainment industry had already sent to the political leadership of several states in the past few weeks. It contained a catalog of security measures to ensure that the corona virus is not spread as far as possible during production. The US portal "The Hollywood Reporter" first reported about it.


Compliance officer ensures enforcement

Other measures include: All actors, no matter how sonorous their name, are instructed by official bodies mm hand washing. TV productions must continue to forego the audience and the entire crew behind the camera must wear face masks and preferably a protective visor made of plastic. In addition, a compliance officer should be on site at all times to ensure that all distance and hygiene rules are observed.