Home spa: feel-good treatments for cold autumn days

If you want to have a good time in autumn, you don't have to go to the nearest spa. Body and mind can also be pampered at home.

If the days are cloudy and wet, there is hardly anything better than making yourself comfortable at home in your own four walls. Cold autumn days offer a welcome opportunity to really relax in the home spa. It doesn't take much for this: a few commercially available foods, beneficial oil and – most importantly – time.

Sheet masks invigorate the skin of the face

Sheet masks give the facial skin new shine and make it shine. At home, they can be easily made from conventional rice paper that can be bought inexpensively in Asian markets. Make a hole in the rice paper through which your nose can later be put. Then brew four tea bags of green tea in a bowl with lukewarm water and soak the rice paper in it until it is pliable. Apply a facial serum of your choice and apply the cleansing mask to your face. After a quarter of an hour, the skin is vitalized and soft.

Coffee peeling for delicate skin

Remove dead skin cells with a fragrant aroma: a coffee peeling makes it possible. To do this, mix a tablespoon of sugar with a quarter cup of coffee grounds. Then add almond or coconut oil until a spreadable paste is formed. Apply this to the skin in circular motions – ideally in the shower or bathtub – and leave for about 20 minutes. When washing off with cold water, dead skin cells are also removed in addition to the peeling. The result: soft skin and a pleasant scent.

Ginger bath strengthens the immune system

No home spa without a bathroom. On cold autumn days, baths with additives that strengthen the immune system are particularly recommended – ginger is a natural choice here. A piece of root about three centimeters in size is required for a full 15-minute ginger bath. Cut this into slices and cook in one liter of water for about ten minutes with the lid closed. Then sieve out the pieces and pour the cloudy water into the tub. Let more water flow in so that the temperature reaches a pleasant 38 degrees Celsius. The ginger stimulates the blood circulation and strengthens the body's defenses. But be careful: If the bath water gets into your eyes, it can cause irritation and should be washed off immediately.