Homemade bread: Delicious recipe with only 3 ingredients

Bake it yourself
Recipe for deliciously fragrant (and tasty!) Bread made from just 3 ingredients

You don’t even need a bread maker to enjoy fresh bread.


Whether for breakfast, dinner or as a snack between breaks: Hardly anything tastes as good as freshly baked bread.

Crunchy crust, loose crumb and then that smell … a freshly baked bread is a real blessing. Especially when you don’t even need a lot of ingredients. Because in his cooking format “Keep Cooking and Carry On”, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver reveals how you can bake delicious bread from just three ingredients and a little water.

Simple recipe, few ingredients and still super delicious

In the video you will find out Jamie Oliver’s step-by-step instructions and which three ingredients you need for his bread. We wish you a good appetite!

Source used: “Keep Cooking and Carry On”