Honorine (“Don’t forget the words”): Nagui reveals the list of what the Maestro wants to treat herself to with her 147,000 euros in winnings: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Honorine, the candidate of Do not forget the lyrics, has continued to amaze television karaoke viewers since his arrival. On Thursday February 1, 2024, the 39-year-old Bordelaise became the new Maestro of the show broadcast on France 2. And since then, she has continued to string together victories. Saturday February 17, 2024, the thirty-year-old who played in a rock group when she was a business student, reached the symbolic bar of 100,000 euros in winnings after only nineteen participations. A large sum but which does not frighten the participant, who revealed during the episode that she already had an idea of ​​what she would do with this money once she left the show. The presenter Nagui had already prepared a list to reveal to the show’s faithful the singer’s wishes. “Renovate your apartment, travel to Liverpool, make a donation to the SPA, have a big party for your birthday, buy an electric car, a speaker…”listed Mélanie Page’s companion.

“I treat myself to massages regularly, but not every week”

But Honorine did not stop at this very ambitious list. The host of Do not forget the lyrics clarified that she absolutely wanted to treat herself to a massage package, which she confirmed during the episode broadcast on Saturday February 17 on France 2. “I love it. I treat myself to massages regularly, but not every week. It’s not cheap”admitted the 39-year-old Maestro. But the 147,000 euros in winnings she has accumulated will allow her to pay herself “an annual subscription, and therefore have it a little more often”she admitted, excited about the opportunity the show gave her.

If the singing lover can’t wait to take advantage of her prize pool won thanks to her unparalleled musical culture, she is not about to give up her place. Accused of cheating by certain Internet users because of her looks on one side of the set, which is not visible to viewers, the thirty-year-old assured during an interview for Tele-Leisure Friday February 16, 2024 that this was not the case at all. “We have a screen with the lyrics, and on the right, we have a screen that is also big […] where there are all the videos from Magali’s cameras, the musicians, we see Nagui, we see the challenger and I see myself. My eye is drawn to it because it moves, so my eyes are drawn to the images that are just scrolling by.”she assured our colleagues.

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