Hopoo Games announces a remake of its roguelike Risk of Rain Returns on Switch and PC

We could talk about a remaster at first glance, but the amount of work done by the Texas team seems to go well beyond the simple little lick of paint. In addition to a pixel art overhaul, the entire audio portion of Risk of Rain has been updated to Returns – with the return of Chris Christodooulouo to composition on new music. All the content from the 2013 game will be present, embellished with “countless gameplay and balancing adjustments” to make the gameplay more fluid which, if it remains effective, still shows the signs of age.

In space, no one will hear you grind

The cast of playable characters will include 15 different Survivors, including two new ones that will be introduced in the coming months. Risk of Rain Returns will also include on new objects, stages and enemies, but also and above all on an entire online multiplayer game rebuilt from scratch, ensuring “full integration” with Steam; enough to forget, we hope, the convolutions to be made on the PC version of the original game.

Also in a press release published on Steam, the studio announced the acquisition of the Risk of Rain license by Gearbox Entertainment, already at work on the development of the Survivors of the Void expansion for Risk of Rain 2, which is loaded by consequence of the potential sequels to come. Risk of Rain Returns nevertheless remains well under the direction of Hopoo Games, without a definitive release date for the moment… Which could perhaps fall in November 2023 to coincide with the release of the original game.

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