Horizon Call of the Mountain announced for PlayStation VR2, first images

Sony took advantage of CES 2022 to formalize that the virtual reality headset of the PS5 will indeed be called PlayStation VR2. He also used the announcement to confirm what the rumors were saying about the new helmet. As well as to officially announce a first game developed exclusively for PlayStation VR2.

Sony has just unveiled Horizon Call of The Mountain, a title planned exclusively for PlayStation VR2. This announcement was made as part of the statements made by the Japanese manufacturer about the virtual reality headset for the PS5.

One of the first AAAs of the PlayStation VR2

According to Sony, Horizon Call of the Mountain is a whole new adventure. The manufacturer claims that the game was designed for “advance both hardware technology, innovation and gameplayThis PlayStation VR2 production is being developed by Firesprite, a studio recently acquired by Sony, in collaboration with Guerrilla.

In terms of the storyline, Sony doesn’t want to reveal too much just yet. The Japanese giant has simply indicated that the hero of the game will be a brand new character. Horizon Call of the Mountain will however allow to meet Aloy and other protagonists that fans of the series know well.

Horizon Call of the Mountain under construction for a long time?

Finally, let us stress that this announcement is not completely surprising for those who diligently follow the video game news. Indeed, a serious rumor of a new Horizon in virtual reality potentially intended for the PS5 has been circulating since October 2019.

Sony therefore seems to have been working on the project for some time. That being said, the Japanese giant’s plans have visibly changed. Indeed, the initial rumor indicated that the project was under construction in his London studio. As Firesprite is based in Liverpool, it’s not impossible that Sony’s new studio has picked up on the project along the way.

At this time, Horizon Call of the Mountain does not have an announced release date. The release date of the PlayStation VR2 has not yet been revealed either, Sony does not want to put the cart before the horse (robotics).

What do you think of the Horizon Call of the Mountain announcement? Does it make you want to get the PlayStation VR2? Would you prefer a “normal” game? Give us your opinion in the comments below.

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