Horizon Forbidden West: A collection of clothing in the colors of the game at Asos, and that’s special

While we try to find out when Horizon Forbidden West could present its hypothetical extension, Sony obviously has other plans for the license. To show that this second episode is successful with fans, the manufacturer thought that some players would like to show their love for the game even in their wardrobe. We discover today an amazing collaboration between Horizon Forbidden West and the Asos brandwith clothes bearing the image of this opus.

The house of style

We see more and more ready-to-wear brands collaborating with video game licenses, for a more or less successful result depending on the brand. We do not really know in which category to place the partnership between Guerrilla Games and Asos, as these clothes Horizon Forbidden West are… special.

Apart from the traditional hoodie with an image of the game flocked on it, there is a shirt that entirely reproduces the artwork of the game’s cover. style, we don’t judge. We prefer the rest of the collection, more sober and all-purpose, even if for certain articles, once again, we really have to adhere to the proposal.

You can already pre-order these clothes on the Asos website. The release of the collection is scheduled for the beginning of the year 2023.

Horizon Forbidden West is available on PS4 and PS5. You can also check out our full guide to learn more about the game.

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